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1. For item inquiry please inbox us with the image or with the link of the product from a verified
2. Inbox us to get the full price along with the total calculation from our side.
3. The day you order the product with its existing price, you will have to pay the same exact
amount to us regardless of any discounts after the order date.
4. The total price of the product shall be calculated through (product price + value added tax to
US government + weight charge) in Dollars.
5. The dollar rate for purchase of any cosmetic product from would be equalling
to 107 taka (US$ 1.00= 107 tk)
6. Weight charge for 1 pound (1 pound=16 ounces) would be US$ 15 (including courier service
from US to your door and customs tax). Minimum weight shall be regarded as 3 ounces if the
weight ordered is below 3 ounces.
7. After confirming your order through, you have to pay 40% in advance to our
Bkash account along with the Bkash charge. You can also pay through Payment Gateway.
8. Once you receive the product from the delivery man, you would have to pay the rest 60% cash
on delivery.
9. After confirmation of your order for the product, you cannot cancel the order and the advanced
money paid is non-refundable.
10. The duration of the product delivery would take approximately 4-6 weeks. can cancel pre-orders at any time. In that case will be obliged to refund your money.

Fill out this form to pre-order or fill out the form with all your information to find out about a product. You can only suggest us here with a link to a USA site.



I physically purchase every product we provide or you may need from the official brand stores here in the US. After purchasing the product, I send it to you without any third party interaction. This ensures that you are getting the correct product and not any counterfeit brands.

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