Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1.Why would you buy from my online store?

I physically purchase every product we provide or you may need from the official brand stores
here in the US. After purchasing the product, I send it to you without any third party interaction.
This ensures that you are getting the correct product and not any counterfeit brands.
Additionally, you are not limited to the products I provide on the website. If there is a MAC
lipstick you want, with a Nars eyeshadow palette, you just have to place a custom order and I can
get both of those products to you.
For further authenticity, you can check the validity of the product using a barcode reader as well.

Q2. Are the products authentic?

  Ans: Salma Rosey Fashion sells 100 % genuine products which are directly sourced from USA.


Q3. How to place an order?

Ans: You can place your order in following steps:

—> Add to Cart

—> Free Register with Salma Rosey Fashion

—> Place Order

—> Receive Conformation through Text and Email.


Q4. Is there any opportunity to check the validity that whether it’s original or not?

Ans: As we have come up with the motto of ‘Yes! It’s Original…’, it definitely should give the impression to the generic people that we are here to provide the best possible goods among all others. Even after such a commitment, we believe that customers should even have the opportunity to check the originality of our products for their own source of validation. They could simply check it out with a barcode reader by scanning out barcode on the products body. This is the first time here in Bangladesh we would provide such an opportunity for our customers with such a unique system of verifying the good. If they could prove that the product is fake or not original, immediately the product will be taken away and money would be returned.


      Q5.What is the method to pay via using cards?

Ans: Generally, not all companies at the beginning of their tenure gets the permission of different transactions via the help of different cards being available in market but here at Salma Rosey we have brought you one of the golden opportunities in order to make a purchase by using any form of cards within Bangladesh. It can range from Debit or Credit Cards of Visa or MasterCard or even for a fact the Aqua Card can also used.